Dedicated Server Hosting

Quad Core

  • E3-1230v3 Dedicated Server
  • 16 GB RAM (upto 32 GB RAM)
  • Single Processor
  • 4 cores (8 vCPU)
  • 1TB HDD (upto 4)
  • 100 mbps Port speed
  • 2000GB Data Transfer
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Advanced Features

Grow fast with Performance
Grow fast with Performance
24/7 Support & Monitoring*
24/7 Support & Monitoring*
Quick deployment
Quick deployment
Hardware Customization
Hardware customization
Initial setup waived off
Initial setup waived off
Server management*
Server management*

All plans include

Free setup
Full Root / Administrator Access
Hardware level access via IPMI
HDD/SSD drives
99.9% Uptime Guarantee
100/1000 Mbps Port Speed
Raid Controler
24/7 Support via Live Chat, Phone and helpdesk*

Frequently asked questions about dedicated servers.

A dedicated server, dedicated hosting service,managed hosting service is a type of internet hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with anyone else.

e.g. One person is the owner of one server and he doesn't have to shared.

In metered, you are limited over monthly bandwidth usage while in unmetered you are not restricted to a monthly bandwidth usage.

  1. Managed Server :-

    Our company manages all hardware, network, virtualization, software, operating system and control panel issues. The client is only responsible for 3rd party applications and coding related issues.

  2. Unmanaged Server :-

    In unmanaged, our company is responsible for hardware and network support and the virtualization environment, but client will be responsible for installing, configuring and upgrading the operating system and other required software.

SAS is designed for mission-critical enterprise applications whereas SATA is a general-purpose interface common in the consumer market.

  • SAS supports multiple initiators, while SATA has no such provision.
  • SAS is dual ported whereas SATA is single ported. SAS is therefore capable of multipath I/O without additional hardware. Moreover, SAS can make use of both ports to scale performance.
  • SATA transfers data at half duplex while SAS can transfer data at full duplex. Thus, for SAS, each port can read and write data at the same time whereas SATA cannot.
  • SAS uses SCSI commands for error recovery and error reporting, which have more functionality than the ATA command set used by SATA.
  • SAS can support cables up to 8m long, while maximum cable length for SATA is 1m.

The cost of SAS is extra.

R1soft is a third party software that automatically backs up your data on a set interval. R1soft can store vast amounts of recovery points without the burden of duplicating the data at each backup point. The backup method that is used would be considered an incremental backup, meaning that when the backup process runs it only backs up changed data.

Windows 2008/12 Standard Edition is Processor Base.

Windows 2016 is Core Base.

Installatron / Softaculous can be added at about Rs 250 per month + tax.

E3-1230v3 : 32 GB

E3-1230v5 : 64 GB

E5-2620v4 : 256 GB

Ipv4 is and Ipv6 is We offer Ipv6 only in India and Germany as of now on VPS and Dedicated servers. It is not possible in any other location and Shared or Reseller in India.

Plesk Web Admin 10 domains - Rs 500 per month.

Plesk Web Pro 30 domains - Rs 1200 per month.

Plesk Web Host Unlimited Domains - Rs 3200 per month.

Each of our racks has 2 32A power sources A and B power which is then connected to an APC Automatic Transfer Switch and then to our servers both A and B power have separate UPS and generator backups we have had 100% power availability including maintenance windows.

We have TATA , Vodafone, Reliance, Sify and NIXI

It depends upon hardware type and stock availability. We can setup the dedicated server of Pune location within 12 hours.