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What is Email Hosting?

Exchange-level Mail Server Software SmarterMail delivers Exchange-level email server software and instant messaging for a fraction of the cost. With lower hardware requirements, superior stability and reduced maintenance costs, SmarterMail has significantly lower TCO and is the best-in-class Microsoft Exchange alternative for businesses and hosting companies.

Key Features

100MB attachment size
Shared Calendar
Shared Tasks
Shared Notes
Chat with any other user
Migration of email from existing server to SmarterMail
Sync Calendar/Contacts with Outlook
Sync Mail with Outlook




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Space / email account
Space / email account
Space / email account
Rs 55
per month
Rs 550
per Year
Rs 66
per month
Rs 660
per Year
Rs 83
per month
Rs 825
per Year
Rs 1045
2 year
Rs 1540
3 Year
Rs 1254
2 year
Rs 1848
3 Year
Rs 1577
2 year
Rs 2324
3 Year
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  • A structured, multi-layer spam prevention strategy . 97% spam protection without the need for additional expenditures or third-party products
  • SpamAssassin-based Pattern Matching Engine- Based on SpamAssassin technology, this powerful pattern matching engine can process substantially higher volumes of email per day without the cost of addtional hardware.
  • Third-party spam filtering
  • Multi-layered outbound antispam measures


  • Secure Mail Server SmarterMail has several antivirus enhancements that prevent the mail server from being compromised, including support for incoming and outgoing SSL/TLS connections, administrator access restriction by IP, intrusion detection (IDS), active directory authentication, harvest attack detection, denial of service (DOS) attack prevention, malicious script authentication and brute force detection.
  • Easily protect your server from malicious activity
  • Ban weak passwords
  • Industry-standard antivirus software at no extra charge
  • Quarantine suspect emails


  • With a webmail interface that’s intuitive for both casual and power users, SmarterMail provides access to email, instant messaging, calendars, contacts, notes, and tasks from any device or tablet with a Web browser.
  • Full support for international users
  • Webmail for all your email communications
  • Powerful and intuitive spell-checking
  • Auto-complete addressing
  • Share files and eliminate attachments with cloud-based file storage
  • Respond quicker with follow-up flagging
  • Easily migrate mailboxes from Gmail, Live Mail, iMail, Zimbra and more
  • Link tasks to emails for greater efficiency and better organization
  • Better chat than MSN or Yahoo!
  • Find attachments easily
  • Preserve your email and chat history with full archiving


  • Support for IPv6
  • Easily set up new users with auto-discovery
  • Real-time dashboards for on-demand statistics
  • Protection from downtime with failover
  • Simple customization of the webmail interface
  • Take control of the mail spool with throttling
  • Automate system tasks for round-the-clock administration
  • Use the comprehensive API for integration and automation
  • Prioritize email delivery to minimize delays
  • Automatic password retrieval for locked-out users
  • Detailed logging available on all aspects of the server
  • Create multiple administrator accounts for sharing management duties and tasks